Jennifer Nettles is headed to Broadway for her debut in 'Chicago the Musical.' With February rapidly approaching, the singer and soon-to-be Broadway star is getting ready for her new role.

The first behind-the-scenes photos of the sassy singer in her hair and makeup for the production are here, and they are stunning! Nettles looks a lot different than she does as a solo star or one-half of Sugarland. Her blonde hair is a little shorter and a little darker; she darkened her wavy locks with lowlights throughout.

Her hair isn't the only thing that's darker, though. Nettles' makeup for the ‘Chicago the Musical' production is also on a whole new scale. She usually keeps her makeup subdued, often seen wearing lipgloss and natural blushes with a slightly darker eye. For this musical, though, she's taking smoky eyes to a new extreme. Her very dark eye makeup is a change for the singer, but she pulls it off beautifully. Nettles also opts for a very dark lip in the photos.

Nettles' wardrobe is also vastly different for the classy singer. She looks sexy as ever in the photos, wearing a black lace number with a plunging neckline. If these behind-the-scenes photos are any indication of the performance to come, we can't wait. The show begins on Feb. 2 and will run for eight weeks through March 29.

Jennifer Nettles
Jenny Anderson, Getty Images

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