We don't have the secret formula for what makes a country song into a successful hit, but Sugarland must. The duo, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, continually puts out chart-topping singles without fail. The band has released a variety of songs to make you laugh, love, weep, and leave it all behind. Since this quality allows each tune to blossom, grow wings and spread to our ears, we're especially thankful. Taste of Country brings you our list of the Top 10 Sugarland Songs, because it's just too hard to pick one!

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    'Just Might (Make Me Believe)'

    'Just Might (Make Me Believe)' comes in at No. 10 on our list of the top Sugarland songs. This song was actually the third consecutive Top 10 hit for the duo, but they were still a trio when 'Just Might (Make Me Believe) was released. This hit is the only single in Sugarland history to be written by the band's ex-member, Kristen Hall, who bid adieu to Nettles and Bush in 2006.

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    'Stuck Like Glue'

    'Stuck Like Glue,' the lead single from the band's most recent record, 'The Incredible Machine,' dropped in 2010. We don't mean to be cliche, but when it hit, it stuck like glue. The pop twist on the country sound is universally liked, and the song performed well on the Canadian Hot 100 and UK Top 100 charts, in addition to the standard Hot Country Songs and Billboard Hot 100 lists. To date, the single has sold more than 1.5 million copies in the US alone.

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    'Already Gone'

    'Already Gone' is a song about life lessons, and speaks about the way in which important events flash by your eyes at the speed of light. Nettles and Bush penned this heat-seeker off of 'Love on the Inside' with songwriter Bobby Pinson. Pinson also had a hand in penning 'Want To' and 'All I Want to Do,' the singles that preceded 'Already Gone.'

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    'All I Want to Do'

    This upbeat and fun song is the premiere single from Sugarland's third studio record, 'Love on the Inside.' The song is a laid-back and lazy hit about kicking back and being in love. It's so lazy, that it hardly contains any lyrics at all -- like one long chorus full of 'oohs' -- and we love it for just that reason! This one is definitely a springtime staple.

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    You couldn't escape this memorable number when it dropped in 2006, even if you wanted to. Nettles pours her absolute all into 'Stay,' which describes an affair from the mistress' point of view. Though it's a beautiful song, it's also a powerful one which evokes emotions from deep within that you may not have even known you had ... until you're sobbing into your bathroom rug. Can someone get us some Kleenex?

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    'It Happens'

    Surely everyone can relate to this opening line: "Missed my alarm clock ringing, woke up telephone screaming, boss man singing his same old song." 'It Happens' ontinues with the outline of a hectic weekday, made more hectic by the no-shower, no-coffee start. But, like many other top Sugarland songs, Nettles and Bush look to the bright side and laugh it off. It's this light-heartedness that keeps fans coming back for more of their infectious songs.

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    'Settlin'' is an early song from the Sugarland duo, from the 2006 record 'Enjoy the Ride' -- and with this upbeat, pure country hit at our sides we'll do just that. This one is a get-up-and-go tune about taking life by the reins, leaving love to chance and changing the world, rather than settling for "just getting by." We give Sugarland's positive outlook two big thumbs up!

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    'Want To'

    While 'Just Might (Make Me Believe)' was the first (and only) hit to be solely written by ex-Sugarlander Kristen Hall, 'Want To' was the first single to chart at No. 1 without her. The heartfelt love song sat perched atop the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for two weeks in 2006, which was likely a nice treat for the sudden duo, following the loss of their trio status.

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    'Something More'

    We love the classic hit 'Something More' because it's yet another shiny, feel-good song about escaping the "hard time" in search of "more bliss." The empowering pack-up-and-go theme is summarized best by this line from the chorus: "Well, I could work my life away, but why? I've got things to do before I die. There's gotta be something more." If you're looking for a little "something more," look no further. This Sugarland hit is just what the doctor ordered.

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    'Baby Girl'

    'Baby Girl' is ranked high on our top Sugarland songs not only because it marks their debut on the country scene, but it's also autobiographical. Nettles says the 2004 hit was penned to describe the band's growth and how it made their parents proud, which rings true in this line: "Please don't worry, 'cause I'm all right, see I'm playing here at the bar tonight. Well, this time I'm gonna make our dreams come true." Sugarland haven't looked back since.

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