It might seem like the only thing Jennifer Nettles and Jennifer Lopez have in common is their first name, but as their new duet says, they’re really not that different.

“Jenny from the Dirt Road” and “Jenny from the Block” team up for this back-and-forth tune declaring their similarities, despite very different cultures and backgrounds. The upbeat, cheery tune is a sort of anthem, highlighting the sameness of all people, especially women and mothers who each worry about the same things and go through the same hurts.

Nettles and Lopez trade lines in the verses, bouncing off one another with their signature sounds that actually mesh well together. The bouncy and rhythmic acoustic-driven song complements both Nettles’ twang and Lopez’ Latin-R&B flair, which they alternate, even in languages. “My house is your house,” Nettles sings, while Lopez answers, “mi casa es su casa.” Their powers combined result in a singable tune with a good message celebrating diversity while recognizing how similar we all are.

The song appears on Nettles’ new record Playing With Fire, slated for release May 13. The artist has said she poured a lot of herself into the album and had a lot of new things to say since the making of her previous record.

“The way I approached this whole project was different because I’m a different person than I was several years ago,” she explains. “I have different stories to tell; I have different experiences now.”

The record’s first single “Unlove You,” is a forlorn ballad was released back in December 2015, and fans have been chomping at the bit to hear the rest.

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