If America loves J Rome and John Glosson as much as the other three judges on ABC's 'Duets,' Jennifer Nettles will be the second country singer in three months to win a major reality television singing competition. Both men made it look easy on Wednesday night, singing songs from the movies.

Glosson kicked off the show with Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On.' "That song right there, it looked like y'all have been singing together for 10 years," Robin Thicke told Nettles' contestant. Thicke had been critical of Glosson in previous weeks, but none of the three judges could find a harsh word on this night. The Georgia raised singer was more at ease with the ballad. Not as much choreography was required however both he and Nettles are naturally physical.

J Rome landed on top of the scoreboard for the fifth straight week. His version of Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' was a level above anything the remaining five singers could come up with. He is playing in a league of his own at this point, yet he continues to take chances. "It's really high, and no guys are singing like this," he pointed out before beginning his duet with the Sugarland singer.

Kelly Clarkson's team members made up the bottom two of six in the standings, meaning they were forced to face off in a short a capella sing-off to stay on the show. It was Jordan Meredith versus Jason Farol in the show's closing moments. If either one had performed with Clarkson as they did alone it's possible both would have been safe. However judges scores were added and the pink-topped pop-star Meredith was sent home. She struggled to get many words out through the tears running down her cheeks, but soon found Clarkson to lean into and talk for her. Nettles' team members stood and applauded from behind the Sugarland singer's seat in front of the Hollywood stage.

Watch Jordan Meredith and Jason Farol Sing to Remain on'Duets'