Jennifer Nettles' solo single 'That Girl' has a funky yet sultry feel, with confessional lyrics and a touch of danger. Better yet, the video does not disappoint in showing off the singer's remorseful side.

Shot in New York City, 'That Girl' begins with Nettles lying on a hotel bed, and as fans of the song know, she's singing to the "other woman" after finding out her handsome fellow wasn't just hers. The songstress is gorgeous with her smooth blonde hair, wearing a tight, flowered, lacy dress and plenty of jewelry.

As she sings to her lover's wife, the video flashes to scenes with the "other woman," also played by Nettles -- but barely recognizable. She's donning dark hair, red lipstick and glittering jewels, including a gigantic wedding ring. It's clear that she's in love with her man, and it seems that he's in love with her -- until the video cuts to Nettles in the hotel room with him.

The song (which is about a woman who is bamboozled into getting involved with another woman’s man) progresses and the remorse on Nettle's face is evident.

As she sings the lyrics, "I don’t want to be that girl, with your guy / To fool you, make you cry / Wreck it all, for one night / To be with him when he should be with you" her face begins to show determination -- lots of it. She seeks out the other dark-haired woman in the bathroom to confess her wrongdoings face to face.

Nettle's 'That Girl' video is the perfect visual portrayal of an affair that really wasn't supposed to be an affair at all. And everything about it -- the wardrobe, acting, mood, was incredibly well-done. She's definitely 'that girl' to look to for music video inspiration.