Sugarland lyrics are sneaky-sharp. Hidden within the infectious hooks and melodies of many of their biggest songs are stories that are inspiring, heartbreaking or undeniably charming. Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles helped write all five songs that make up this list of the best Sugarland lyrics.

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    'Baby Girl'

    "Black top blue sky / Big town full of little white lies / Everybody's your friend, you can never be sure / They'll promise fancy cars and diamond rings / All sorts of shiny things / Girl, you'll remember what your knees are for"

    Sugarland's first hit is one of their biggest for a reason. The then-trio's song about trying to make it the big city was -- and still is -- a refreshing blast of hope for those scratching and clawing to achieve something great.

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    "Would I know this hurt / Would I feel this pain / Do you know that with all I have left in my very last breath, I will call your name"

    'Joey' may not have been as big of a radio hit as some others because it's such a sad story, but the lyrics are as real as anything the group has written. Nettles sings about a man, likely a lover, who was killed in a car accident. She is full of regret and unanswered questions. Her performance feels as intimate as 'Stay' did two years earlier.

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    "Why don't you stay / I'm up off my knees / I'm so tired of being lonely / You can't give me what I need"

    That Sugarland was able to build sympathy for the main character in this song is a testament to the brilliant songwriting and even more inspired vocal performance. Nettles plays "the other woman." At first, she's begging for her man to choose her, but by the end she's given up and found the strength to walk away. The final chorus is a goosebumps moment.

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    'Want To'

    "I packed a cooler and a change of clothes / Let's jump in, see how far it goes / You got my heart in your daddy's boat / We've got all night to make it float"

    The subtle details of this 2006 hit make it very powerful. In contrast to 'Already Gone,' Nettles plays a singer full of vulnerability. It's the beginning of a romance, and the songwriting team work in powerful details to attach the story to the hearts of listeners. These are some of Sugarland's best lyrics.

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    'Already Gone'

    "But his dark eyes dared me with danger / And sparks fly like flame to a paper / Fire in his touch burnin' me up, but still I held on 'cause"

    So many of Sugarland's greatest songs serve life lessons, as 'Already Gone' does. On the surface, this is just a love song that's alive with danger and detail. Deep down, it's the story of one girl trying to come to terms with her gypsy soul. They say so much with so few words.