Jerrod Niemann parties hard in his 'Drink to That All Night' video, but despite first appearances, it's much different than his interactive video for the track. 

In the clip for the first single from his 'High Noon' album, Niemann begins at the bar with his buddies, wearing his trademark black cap and shirt. As they step up to get some drinks, a beautiful bartender greets them with a message that starts a dream sequence: "Great set tonight y'all," she says. "Can I get you somethin'?"

"You know, I'm ready for something a little different," Niemann retorts. The bartender pours a mysterious white drink into three glasses and the band throws them back, causing everything around them to blur and spin until they're transported onto a modern white set.

It feels stark and minimal, but also very trendy with the bright white set and all white props. The gang gets pretty wild with a scantily-clad hula hoop dancer, a donkey, a football player, a pickup truck, break dancer and, of course, lots of ladies.

At one point during the video, a single drop of black liquid is poured into a martini glass, changing the set from white to exclusively black.

Just as Niemann wanted, his 'Drink to That All Night' music truly mixes things up. It ends as Niemann and his buddies find themselves back at the bar, glasses still in hand.

The country singer concludes, "I can drink to that all night!"

Us, too.


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