The kids at PS22 in Staten Island, N.Y. are becoming just as famous for their inspiring versions of popular songs as the tune's original artists. This week, the fifth grade choir gave special attention Jerrod Niemann's current country chart-climber, 'Shinin' on Me,' with a little help from the country hitmaker himself.

Armed with his acoustic guitar, Niemann stood at the head of the class as he accompanied the talented choir with his superb guitar skills and lead vocals. The young singers were obviously feeling the groove of the breezy tune, offering a range of perky interpretive dances and vivid hand movements as the cameras captured the special moment.

After singing together, the soulful singer offered the youngsters tales of his humble beginnings as a singer-songwriter, encouraging them to follow their dreams no matter the distractions. "I started writing songs about your age -- I wouldn't say they were any good, " the country singer shared with the class. "I wrote a song about my sister. It was probably my first song."

Niemann also presented the choir with a new drumset and digital piano -- a much needed upgrade from the obsolete model they were using for practice. Apparently, he felt compelled to offer his assistance upon hearing that the necessary parts to fix their piano had been discontinued.

“Jerrod, Jerrod, Jerrod!” the kids chanted after the presents were revealed.

"Having a chance to meet and perform with PS22 was like no other experience," Niemann said in a statement following his visit. "Those children have so much talent and passion for music that I am so inspired and proud to be their biggest fan."

Niemann joins Carrie Underwood in a growing group of country music superstars who have visited the New York City borough to perform with the kids at PS22. In April, Underwood joined the choir for a stellar, goosebump-inducing rendition of the singer's No. 1 single, 'Good Girl.'

At the time, Underwood expressed 'concern' that she might soon be out of a job if the fifth grade choir keeps up its pace. “I think myself and everyone else in the music industry right now needs to be worried, because they’re getting older, and so you guys are going to put us all out of a job!” she said humorously.

Jerrod Niemann is currently on the road promoting his new studio album, 'Free the Music,' which is now available in-stores and at all major digital outlets. The new collection features 'Shinin' on Me,' the album's first radio single. The track is currently currently No. 17 and climbing.

See Jerrod Niemann Sing 'Shinin' on Me' with the PS22 Chorus

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