Jewel is completely transformed for her role as June Carter in the upcoming Lifetime film 'Ring of Fire.' She literally becomes the feisty country legend, as you can see in this four-minute clip from the film, which airs at 8PM on May 27 on Lifetime.

It's tough to tell where Jewel ends and June begins. She clearly dove headfirst into the role and became her character, exuding believable cuteness and charm, as well as the requisite dose of sass.

Here, Jewel-as-June is practicing her lines -- adorably so -- at the Ryman in preparation for the Grand Ole Opry in 1952. She prances around on stage, exhibits glorious comic timing with emcee 'Mr. Country' Carl Smith, demonstrates physical panache and shows off a liberal dose of star power.

Jewel has limited acting experience, which includes a role in the Johnny Cash biopic parody 'Walk the Line.' But you'd never know it from her performance here. She's totally believable as a country gal in the 1950s, especially when she starts kicking up her heels and dancing. It's a treat to watch her perform 'Wildwood Flower' as June Cater.

Who knows, she may even pick up an Emmy for her efforts!

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