Jimmy Buffett gave fans a very up-close-and-personal concert experience when he fell from the stage into the crowd during a show in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday night.

Ironically, the 64-year-old 'Margaritaville' singer tumbled into the audience after singing, "It's been a lovely cruise, I'm sorry it's ended."  Buffett laid motionless for a few minutes before being rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst, where he was reportedly treated for a head injury.

The singer's manager appeared onstage following the accident and insisted that the audience clear out, according to concert patron Dan Bateman. "No one really wanted to leave because everyone was anxious to know if he survived the fall. Everyone was pretty horrified," he tells ABC. "We were in the 10th row and it looked like he did a massive face plant after his encore and pretty much didn't get up ... We were told to leave the premises."

Buffett was performing his last night of three back-to-back sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House when the incident occurred -- his first performances down under in 20 years. He is scheduled to perform in New Zealand on Saturday, and is said to be in stable condition now.

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