Joe Nichols is as smooth as ever on his new album 'It's All Good.' The 10 songs are as easy as a Sunday morning cup of coffee. Vocally, he never gets you too riled up. One can take his or her time enjoying the traditional purity of his voice.

Sometimes life needs a shot of espresso, however, and Nichols doesn't provide that on 'It's All Good.' The album's more introspective moments ('How I Wanna Go' and 'Never Gonna Get Enough') stand out over those relying on a clever hook (the radio ready 'The More I Look). The lone blast of tempo is 'This Ole Boy,' a song that Craig Morgan recorded more convincingly.

'Somebody's Mama' is a heartbreaking tale of a love that got away. The song is a reminder of the George Strait comparisons Nichols used to get early in his career, and the singer patiently delivers the album's best performance here. The title track is another unapologetic traditional country tune, full of undistorted fiddle and pedal guitar licks.

It takes some patience to appreciate Nichols' seventh studio album, as the only obvious hit is the first single 'Take It Off.' After a few listens one will begin to fall into his warm and honest voice -- or, at the very worst, you'll fall into a pleasant sleep trying.