Joey + Rory fans have launched an online movement to help the couple in a very difficult time.

Joey Feek has been battling Stage 4 cancer, for which she recently underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. After doctors told the couple there is nothing more medicine can do, they recently made the decision to end her treatments. Following a nationwide prayer vigil for Joey last week, Rory Feek revealed that Joey has entered hospice care.

Fans have been banding together via Twitter to help drive one of the country duo's songs to No. 1 on iTunes. "When I'm Gone" was a track originally released in 2012 on the couple's His and Hers album, which in retrospect is hauntingly prescient. The song was written by a friend of Joey's named Sandy Lawrence, who was going through losing her mother at the time.

"You'll wonder why the Earth still moves / You'll wonder how you'll carry on / But you'll be okay on that first day when I'm gone," the lyrics say, with Joey's emotionally resonant performance now even more meaningful in light of her situation.

“I was devastated, absolutely devastated when I heard it and what it meant and coming from the person who is leaving their loved one,” she told The Boot in 2012. “That concept was just something that I had never heard or thought of before and it really struck me.”

The song has already reached No. 7 on the iTunes singles chart, and fans are spreading the word via social media to try to get it to the top spot. Fellow country singer Terri Clark even joined in, asking fans to support Joey + Rory. Purchase the song at iTunes by clicking this link.

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