Singer-songwriter Jon Pardi's debut single leans heavily on his listed influences (Dwight Yoakam mostly) but does little to separate him from the amalgam of dark-haired country newcomers. Musically, 'Missin' You Crazy' borrows from Bakersfield, but the song's lyrics could use some extra California salt.

"Sittin' here listenin', to your sweet voice / Talking on the telephone / It's making me realize, I ain't got no choice between stayin' here and gettin' gone / I'm gonna say good-bye / Yeah I'm gonna fly / Get these arms of mine back where they belong," Pardi sings during the second and more vivid of the two versus. His vocals remain somewhat buried beneath the locomotive drum kit and runaway guitars that drive the song.

"Whoa oh oh, baby all I think about / Whoa oh oh, is what we could be doin' now / Whoa oh oh, baby / Here I go again / Missin' you crazy," the Northern California singer adds during the chorus.

'Missin' You Crazy' isn't a bad song. In fact it's pretty decent, but there is plenty of "decent" to be found in tall stacks and hard drives on the desks of country radio programmers. This song fails to leave its stamp on one's emotions. Nothing lingers, and there's no sense of urgency to hear it again.

3 Stars

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