Jason Aldean joins Jordan Rager for "Southern Boy," a song that will resonate deep with millions of country fans. It’s a tribute to guys like Aldean and Rager — ball cap and blue jeans men who like trucks and mud and Sunday morning church with family.

Rager begins the song, but his superstar labelmate quickly helps him close the first verse. Sonically, the two have very similar voices, with Aldean’s sounding a little deeper and more resonant than Rager. Luke Laird, Barry Dean, Jeremy Stover and Jaron Boyer helped write this song, and Rager has been playing it live for over a year.

“Southern Boy” is a straight-forward country-rock ballad that speaks right to the masses. It’s a song one expects to easily climb radio airplay charts, especially with Aldean in between singles. Piano, acoustic guitar and keys fill out the arrangement after the first chorus. While not hooky, the tribute will stick with many country fans the way many of Aldean’s hits have.

Look for “Southern Boy” on Rager’s upcoming debut album.

Listen to Jordan Rager (With Jason Aldean), "Southern Boy"

Jordan Rager (With Jason Aldean), “Southern Boy” Lyrics:

“Southern boy, in your pickup truck / Seasons change, dashboard stays covered in red clay dust / Southern boy, you never been scared to fight / Your family name, there's a lot of things you just don’t compromise / Keep singing them songs / Keep carrying on, yeah.”

“Keep stealing those kisses from your southern belle / Keep loving those Friday nights / Keep rolling with your buddies, raising a little hell / Just don’t cross the line / We all know there ain’t nothing like the feeling / The way you grew up, Sunday kneeling / Like glass bags popping you keep making that noise / Southern boy.”

“Southern sky, watching over you / Looking down on your little town and the hearts that hold your roots / Southern boy / When the road starts getting rough / The wheels you’re on will get you home, no matter how deep the mud / So keeping them songs / Keep carrying on.”

“Keep telling your story / So you’ll never be gone / Keep carrying on / Just keep carrying on.”