Jordan Rager's new Southern Boy EP includes a troublemaker's anthem and a memorial for a teenager who died after battling cancer. All four songs tell part of the Georgia-raised newcomer's story in a way that's equal parts exciting and relatable.

Jason Aldean joins Rager for the title track, but the most prominent collaborators are co-writers like Thomas Archer and producer Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore). Fans have heard "Southern Boy" on the radio, but may not realize that it's much more than a chance for Rager to pair up with one of his idols. The song pays tribute to Chattanooga teen Cameron Scroggins, who died of cancer at 16.

"It’s kind of a memorial to him. It’s just about him and about how he was and who he was. I’m honored to get to be the one to sing it," Rager explains.

In the above video, Rager furthers that "Now That I Know Your Name" is the song that pushed him vocally and that "Whatever" is his favorite live song — one that just started with a simple country groove, but exploded quickly from there.

"Underage" may the most personal of the four. “It’s kind of anthem for troublemakers," the singer says. "Sometimes when you grow up in a small town, it’s easy to get bored and come up with creative things to do to have fun."

Rager helped Cole Taylor write the song. Earlier this year he told Taste of Country that writing his own songs is important to him, and songs like "Underage" have really connected with his fans.

"A lot of things that I can’t say and can’t get out I put on paper and I sing," Rager relates.

Look for the Southern Boy EP at all digital retailers, including iTunes.

Jordan Rager's Southern Boy EP Track Listing: 

1. "Southern Boy" (Feat. Jason Aldean)
2. "Now That I Know Your Name"
3. "Underage"
4. "Whatever"

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