Jordan Rager is just a country boy doing his best to keep up with a pretty girl in his new song, "Now That I Know Your Name." The singer and Jason Aldean protege's next single is one the Entertainer of the Year could have cut earlier in his career.

There's a little bad boy swagger, but not too much to turn listeners away from this radio-friendly country-rocker. Rager is next up in the denim and dirt club. "Now That I Know Your Name" will hook anyone who has tried to chase love in an open field under a full moon.

Rager's chorus is what will ultimately hook fans. Here the singer is checking his girl's country cred in a playful, flirty way that lets her know he's cool with whatever she answers, as long as she keeps smiling. "Now That I Know Your Name" is more of a vocal showcase than "Southern Boy" or any of his previous singles. In fact, it's his strongest vocal performance yet.

Did You Know?: "Buy Me a Boat" singer Chris Janson co-wrote this song with Jason Gantt and Jeremy Stover.

Listen to Jordan Rager, "Now That I Know Your Name"

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Jordan Rager's "Now That I Know Your Name" Lyrics:

"You stepped down, your tan legs / All I could think is how to get you on my tailgate / Spinnin’ ‘round / A little hot mess / Looking like you were looking for something to break / I had to spit every bit of my game just to catch your name."

"Now it’s where you from, baby, what’s your drink / Have you ever partied down to Hank / Are you a Ford or a Chevy girl / Tell me, does country music rock your world / Where’d ya get the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen / Wanna split, baby, right now, what you think / I just gotta know everything / Now that I know your name."

"There’s a big moon, a big fire / My eyes are locked on you and that / Starlight, little glow / Lighten up the smile I love / But now you know / I could listen to you talk all night / But if you need it girl I got your ride."

"Yeah that first kiss sure tasted right / Wanna learn what turns you on tonight."