Fans of Jordan Rager's "Southern Boy" can now get the full effect of the tribute with the release of his brand new lyric video. The song is an ode to boys growing up in the country, enjoying life's simpler pleasures. Watch the video during this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

His collaboration with Jason Aldean is also an inspiration for men of a certain age to stay true to their roots and preserve those qualities that make them “Southern Boys."

"Your family name, there’s a lot of things you just don’t compromise / Keep singing them songs / Keep carrying on, yeah,” Rager sings, championing the men who hold things like pickup trucks, a strong resolve and the charm of a southern belle dear.

The song features veteran country star Aldean, Rager’s labelmate and an influence, who alternates parts with the rookie. Their voices are similar and therefore blend well, rounding out the song with warmth and feeling of home that is sure to resonate with listeners.

The vintage scenes are splashed with screen-printed lyrics. These lyrics complement classic shots of American country — cars driving down the road in the country, a football stadium, a bonfire — all reflecting the nostalgia of the tune.

“Southern Boy” — which officially goes to country radio on Feb. 16 — will be featured on Rager’s upcoming debut album on Broken Bow Records, which will also feature the lead-off single "Feels Like One of Them." Watch the lyric video above to learn all the words to the anthem in preparation for when you will inevitably hear it on the radio in the near future.

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