Josh Abbott Band recently released the music video for their single "Wasn't That Drunk," featuring country newcomer Carly Pearce.

The scene is set at an upscale party, with Abbott and Pearce acting as narrators, telling the story of estranged lovers who are reunited at the event. There is obvious tension between the former couple when their eyes meet across the party, and alcohol takes an effect on the pair coming back together. The song lyrics perfectly depict the scenario.

"Small talk and old friends / Catching up on how you've been / That smile I missed / Damn, it's good to see you again / I bought you a drink and I asked you to dance / After a couple more rounds, you were holding my hand," Abbott sings in the first verse.

The remainder of the video flashes through between scenes of the couple playing coy at the gala and them coming together at their own personal afterparty. Although alcohol played a role in the reunion, the chorus claims it would have happened with or without it.

"I know we were laughing saying whatever happens / We can blame it on the wine when the sun comes up / If you're thinking it's because we were drinking / Well, that don't mean that it don't mean much / 'Cause it did and it does / The truth of it is I wasn't that drunk," Abbott and Pearce harmonize.

The chemistry between Abbott and Pearce is apparent in the video rendition of their song as they tell the story of the couple on the dance floor. Their voices blend together perfectly to create the sweetest harmony.

The Josh Abbott Band are currently on the road in support of their latest release, Front Row Seat, and will make their national television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 31.

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