Josh Kelley's household is constantly in a whirlwind between his music career, the booming success of his wife Katherine Heigl's career, and raising their 3-year-old daughter, Naleigh. But the two find plenty of balance in it all, even as Kelley prepares to head back into the studio this spring.

“I’m supposed to start making another record in March or April,” Kelley reveals to Taste of Country. “I’ve definitely been writing for the next album as much as I can. When that thing’s done, I’m back on the road. My whole summer’s booked. This has been a nice little break [here lately]. It has been about two and a half years, solid, on the road … my family is definitely excited that daddy’s home a lot!”

Kelley's latest single from his debut album is 'Naleigh Moon,' which he obviously penned about his little girl. The video for the song was directed by Heigl and features a rare glimpse into their life at home as a normal family.

"We did that video because we wanted to have something really pretty to go with that song," explains Kelley. "When we turned it in, everybody was like ‘Oh my God! This has to be out in the world.’ It’s kind of cool, too, because we get to control the content. Sometimes when the paparazzi are following us, they get shots of me like with my ‘mean face’ and Naleigh picking her nose. At least we get to control some of this content [laughs]."

In recent weeks, Heigl has faced several interviews in promotion for her latest film, ‘One for the Money.’ Among topics she has discussed is expanding her family with more children. “We want to do that and we will eventually,” confirms Kelley. “Right now we’re just kind of actively on top of it.”

Kelley and Heigl wed in December of 2007, and just in the past few years, the singer has seen many changes in his lifestyle -- including the not so pleasant ways he lived prior to becoming a husband and father. “[Marriage and fatherhood has shown me] how selfish I used to be,” Kelley says with a laugh. “And also how messy I used to be … selfish and messy!”