Josh Thompson's 'Cold Beer With Your Name on It' opens his sound up just enough to let in a few fans that didn't go crazy for his steak and potato brand of country music. The 'Beer on the Table' singer's blue collar sound was was refined and direct from the get-go, but his statement may have left some struggling to feel part of the party. 

This new single is a love song for guys that get a little squeamish around love songs. "I'm sittin' on a tailgate in the middle of a stargaze wishin' you were in my arms / Chillin' right here, baby if you want it / I got a cold beer with your name on it," Thompson sings to begin each chorus. That's as much syrupy emotion as you're gonna get from him. A weeper just wouldn't feel right from the 'Way Out Here' singer, and one senses he knows it.

The second verse lets the girl Thompson is missing know what's waiting for her: "Pop the tab, kick back like we used to do, sippin' all night long to your favorite tunes / If you ever get tired of the concrete life, those honkin' horns and flashin' lights / Got a jar of shine if you need it / Underneath the seat you know where I keep it / Hey girl turn off your cell phone, put your blue jeans on and get back home."

With a love song -- albeit a guarded love song -- Thompson steers toward the middle ground his first few hits missed. Often that's a place to get lost, and 'Cold Beer With Your Name on It' isn't as unique as some songs on the radio or from his catalog. Lyrically, the easy-to-sing-along-with single is vivid, but familiar. Most importantly, however, is it's one that stays true to his brand while opening the door for a few more to join the party. With some luck, that honesty should work.

Listen to Josh Thompson, 'Cold Beer With Your Name on It'