There's always room for self reflection on country radio. Josh Thompson's new single, 'Comin' Around,' fills that vacancy with honesty but without being too preachy. The first song from Thompson's upcoming sophomore album should turn on those turned off by the redneck sound of 'Beer on the Table' and 'Way Out Here.'

Thompson doesn't alienate his current fans, however; they will relate to this story. "I blew out of here the next day after graduation / Destination anywhere with a higher population / Never to return to this tiny town / But I'm comin' around," his sings with a more than a pinch of attitude in the second verse. The message could most easily be compared to Jake Owen's Top 10 hit 'Startin' With Me' from 2006.

"I'm comin' around, I'm figuring out a lot of things I thought I knew / I never dreamed I'd be seeing things from this point of view / I'm still a little ways from slowing it all the way down / But I'm comin' around," Thompson repeats during the chorus. Perhaps the only criticism of this song is it relies too much on the chorus, but a sharply penned third verse ties a nice bow on this gift.

"I never been that big a fan of gettin' up on Sunday morning / And listenin' to that ol' preacher talk was always kinda boring / I'm still a little more lost than I am found / But I'm comin' around," he sings. Thompson holds on to his rebel ways while offering a song that's catchy and has mass appeal.