Josh Turner has just filmed a video for his new single, 'Lay Low,' and he's taking Taste of Country readers behind the scenes.

The singer went on location to Rock Island, Tenn. for the clip, which centers around a rustic cabin in a scenic rural setting. He worked with one of the top video directors in the business.

"Trey Fanjoy did a great job scouting this location and picking the perfect place to come and do my video," he says.

The cabin is more than 200 years old, located two hours outside of Nashville. Fanjoy felt it was ideal to visually convey the song's message.

"Interesting, too, there's a line in the song that says, 'I want to drive so far that I don't have any bars left on my cell phone,' and we don't," she says with a laugh. "We have not had much cell service out here, so we're kinda livin' it."

Turner had to trust his director's vision for the piece.

"It's always interesting from my perspective, because I come out and I do everything that has to be done in front of the camera, but I have no idea how everything's gonna come together," he reflects. "I see bits and pieces throughout the day. It's always fun for me to see what we've created, and just see it all put together."

He adds, "I couldn't have asked for better weather, a better director, a better crew, an easier shoot ...  I mean, it's been a dream."

'Lay Low' is the lead single from Turner's forthcoming next studio album.

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