In 2003, Josh Turner released "Long Black Train," and he hasn't looked back at the songs behind him since. While this Turner song didn't crack the Top 10 of Billboard's country chart, it's still the one that fans use to define the singer. It was a welcome return to faith-based country music.

"Long Black Train" isn't the No. 1 song on our Top 10 Josh Turner Songs list, however. A hit from 2009 tops it in terms of sales, chart positioning and just plain fun.

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    "What It Ain't"

    From 'Long Black Train' (2003)

    The follow-up to "Long Black Train" was somewhat of a dud on the country music charts, but it set the tone for what was to follow from Turner. He's forever alternated between good, wholesome songs about family or God and steamy love songs. While this song is a very 'G'-rated love song, it let fans know what he was capable of.

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    "I Wouldn't Be a Man"

    From 'Haywire' (2010)

    Turner's version of a Don Williams classic got mixed reviews and did just okay on the charts. For some, it was a patient and honest love song, while others thought it was a little too slow to enjoy as much as some of Turner's other hits. "I Wouldn't Be a Man" -- a Top 20 hit that was the last of three singles from his 'Haywire' album -- makes our list of the top Josh Turner Songs.

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    "Everything Is Fine"

    From 'Everything is Fine' (2007)

    The title track of Turner's third album is a song that just cracked the Top 20, but longtime fans appreciated his creative way of describing the peaceful things in life. "My old dog does a little singing / Late at night when the moon gets bright," is one of the more memorable Turner lyrics of all time, which is enough to make our Top 10 Josh Turner Songs list.

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    'Me and God'

    From 'Your Man' (2006)

    Turner got bluegrass pioneer Ralph Stanley to sing along on this story about Turner's strong Christian faith. While the song "Long Black Train" took an artist's brush to his devout Christianity, 'Me and God' was a bit more direct. "One day we'll live together / Where the angels trod / Me and God," he sings.

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    "All Over Me"

    From 'Haywire' (2010)

    This No. 1 hit from 2010 was a new way of telling an old love story. Turner's deep baritone consistently finds new ways to surprise fans and critics. Many called this a "safe" song for him to release, but few could resist its charm. "I know a spot down on the river / Underneath the sycamore tree / Save all your kisses up, bring on your sweet love / Pour it all over me / All over me," he sings.

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    From 'Everything Is Fine' (2007)

    "Firecracker," Turner's most descriptive and eyebrow-raising single, was the follow up to the borderline church hymn "Me and God." It's almost as if he was saying, "I can do this, but I can also do this." The end of the song (if listened to with somewhat of a juvenile perspective) is what really had old ladies fanning their blouses. This lead single from his Everything Is Fine album, one of our top Josh Turner songs, reached the Top 5 on the Billboard country chart.

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    "Would You Go With Me"

    From 'Your Man' (2006)

    An easy argument could be made that this song belongs at No. 1 because of the sales, chart and award achievements it reached. "Would You Go With Me" and the Your Man album were both nominated for Grammy awards, and at the time it was his most successful song to date. Others are more recognizable these days, so while it remains a radio staple, it's not one that a Turner novice immediately associates with him.

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    "Your Man"

    From 'Your Man' (2006)

    Credit Scotty McCreery for moving this song up a spot or two on our list of the Top 10 Josh Turner songs. No, the American Idol winner didn't make it better, but he reminded country music fans how much we love the original version. "Your Man" was Turner's first No. 1 hit, and it was the first single from what would be his most successful album. The encore version with McCreery sold a lot more singles and albums from Turner.

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    "Long Black Train"

    From 'Long Black Train' (2003)

    While this song is without a doubt the most important song of Turner's career, it falls short of No. 1 on this list due to mediocre chart performance (only reaching the Top 20 in 2003). "Long Black Train" is to Turner what 'Friends in Low Places' is to Garth Brooks. No one was better fitted to deliver this message than the then 26-year-old from South Carolina. It was his breakout song, eventually going gold during a transition from physical to digital singles.

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    "Why Don't We Just Dance"

    From 'Haywire' (2010)

    This four-week chart topper was by far Turner's biggest radio hit, and the sales of the single helped prop up what would become his least commercially successful album. Maybe the main reason this song belongs at No. 1 on our list of the best Josh Turner songs, though, is that it's just so much dang fun. The video led fans to record their own flash mob dance parties across America, including one memorable one at a Nashville Predators hockey game.

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