Josh Turner is now an author, but fans know him as a talented country singer who's working on a new record. They may think he's got it all together, but the 36-year-old says this upcoming album has caused him more worry than any other record before.

Turner's anxiety comes as he watches the shift in country preferences these days. The genre is rapidly changing and progressing which can worry some artists.

"Well, obviously I'm saddened by that," he tells Taste of Country about the genre shift. "But I can only control what I'm doing, and I asked myself the question here in the last several months, 'Do people still like what I do?' And the answer is yes. I figured that out very quickly, so that gave encouragement to move on, and to keep walking on this road."

He says trying to reinvent what he's doing while still keeping his sound is key. "I'm just trying to continue to find ways to re-invent the wheel, and keep doing what I'm doing, because I know that there are fans out there that really appreciate what I do."

Turner's goal is to try and maintain his own relevancy in the country music genre as the years progress and even the sounds progress. "I'm going to continue to try to adapt, and continue to evolve, and improve, and just find ways to be relevant. I think if I get to the place where I'm not relevant anymore, I think that's a dangerous place to be, and I can hang it up," he says with a laugh. "But there's a lot of artists out there who've had a long, long career, for decades, and I try to learn from those guys and girls."

Turner's book 'Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood' is out today (April 29) and can be purchased at several major book retailers. There's no date for an upcoming single or album release.