Country signer JT Hodges takes the spotlight in an upcoming episode of Christina in the Country, an HGTV reality design show that follows real estate agent Christina Hall as she makes a move from Southern California to Tennessee — and expands her interior design business in the South.

In the next Christina in the Country episode, Hall tackles a particularly tough project: Helping Hodges and his wife, Kasey, rebuild after a January 2021 house fire left their home badly damaged. Before the full episode airs, get a sneak peek into the process, starting with Hall's first meeting with the country couple.

From the outside, the house looks pretty normal, but Hodges and Kasey explain that the interior has been so badly damaged that they can no longer live in the house as is.

"I saw some photos. I know there's some fire damage in there, but from out here, the house looks perfectly fine," Hall says as she approaches the Hodges property.

"Wait 'til you get in," Hodges replies with a laugh.

Sure enough, the inside of the house has been torn to shreds by an electrical fire. Despite all the debilitating damage, the most noticeable thing, Hall says, is the odor.

"It's the smell!" she observes. "It's...sour-ish."

Since the fire, Hodges, Kacey and their two daughters have been forced to live outside the home.

"We had an electrical fire that put our house in a place where we can't live in it," Kacey explains in the episode. "So we have been out of our home for the last year-and-a-half, living in a 40-foot travel trailer, and it's been an adventure. We're ready to get this show on the road and get our whole family back into our house."

"Next chapter, here we come," Hodges adds.

When the fire first happened, Hodges told his fans that though the event was "very unfortunate," he and his family were staying positive.

"The house bones are still standing but MOST importantly no one got hurt. I can't thank everyone enough for all the support and love we have received," the singer said, making particular mention of the first responders who saved their home and the family and friends who provided support in the aftermath. "We got some tough sledding ahead but it's nothing me and my family won't take on. God is good and love is all we need."

The full episode of Christina in the Country airs Thursday (Feb. 16) at 8PM ET on HGTV.

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