JT Hodges is set to release a brand-new EP, and he's giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive first listen to one of the new tracks.

The singer-songwriter will release After Midnight on Sept. 30, and he turned to Twitter on Sept. 23 to let fans know they could pre-order the three-song EP a week early. In addition to the title track, the project includes "Drink You Down" and "Let's Be Ghosts," which Hodges is letting fans hear before they can buy it.

The song features a drum track augmented by programming, as well as synthesized handclaps that set the framework for a mid-tempo, pop-country feel. Hodges' strong, clear voice carries a story about two lovers who just want to be alone with each other.

"Baby let's be ghosts, ghosts / Say the word and we'll roll, roll / To the East or the West Coast / To a place where nobody knows, nobody knows / Baby let's go, go / Do a champagne toast, toast / In a field of gold, gold / In a place where nobody knows, nobody knows / Let's be ghosts, ghosts," Hodges sings in the chorus.

The romantic, pop and soul-influenced song fits in perfectly with the direction of country radio today and artists like Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt.

Hodges released his self-titled debut album in 2013, followed by an EP titled Locks on Doors in 2015. After Midnight is his second EP. It is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Listen to JT Hodges, "Let's Be Ghosts"

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