ACM Lifting Lives has announced that Hunter Hayes, Scotty McCreery, JT Hodges and the Swon Brothers are participating in this year's sixth annual ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp, which takes place June 19-23 in Nashville.

Artists donate their free time to work with kids who suffer from Williams syndrome, a rare genetic condition (estimated to occur in one out of every 7,500 births) that causes medical and developmental problems. The camp partners with Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities to give participants the opportunity of a lifetime. Campers team up with Music City's finest for a week of musical enrichment through performance and education. Not only does plenty of music participation take place, but the event has a dual purpose of studying Williams syndrome, as well as other developmental disabilities.

This year's activities include the opportunity to participate in a writing workshop with songwriter Heather Morgan ("Beat of the Music") and producer Ross Copperman, and time at Ocean Way Studios with Hayes for a recording session. The lighter events of the week include hitting Broadway to line dance with Hodges at Wildhorse Saloon, as well as participants showing off their karaoke abilities with the Swon Brothers.

As if that all doesn't sound cool enough, the whole experience culminates in performing with Hayes on the Grand Ole Opry stage during Tuesday night's broadcast. We can't think of a more perfect way to wrap up quite a few incredible days for such a worthy cause.

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