It's difficult to listen to the remaining five songs on Julie Roberts's 'Who Needs Mistletoe' EP with a virginal mind after hearing the title track. 'Who Needs Mistletoe' the song may become every man in America's favorite Christmas standard.

"Who needs mistletoe, I'd rather be under you," Roberts sings with a sensuality that's enhanced by daring guitar licks and a sultry back beat. This is the only original on the Christmas EP and, um ... phew! It is an original!

"Baby you can be my Santa Claus / And I'll come sit on your lap / Whisper what I really want / What do you think about that," Roberts sings to begin.

Her version of 'Blue Christmas' leads up to this spicy moment. Roberts has always been somewhat of a country chanteuse, although not intentionally. Her voice just delivers pain, mystery and sexuality whether she's trying or not. On the classic Elvis Presley tune, her patience and intentional pacing keeps one leaning in to hear how she'll begin and end each phrase.

'Pretty Paper' tries to be a cold shower before Roberts begins with the more religious classics -- 'O Holy Night' and 'Away in the Manger' -- but it doesn't work. One (yes, especially men) keeps fighting the urge to go back and listen to song No. 2 for the fourth or ninth time: "'Cause I want to be naughty / Hey now don't that sound nice / 'Tis the season for giving / Are you in a giving mood tonight," Roberts begs on 'Who Needs Mistletoe.'

Putting this song so early on the album is like serving up the pumpkin pie before making a kid eat his vegetables. Sure, the more wholesome fare is probably better for you, but that's a tough argument when there's a slice of whipped cream covered pie within arms reach. No one, after all, leaves the Christmas table talking about how good the green beans were, anyway.

4 Stars

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