Julie Roberts is back on the country radar with her first new music in five years. Her newest album, 'Alive,' became available for purchase through her website this month. While fans are buzzing about the new tunes, one song in particular is getting much media attention.

'NASCAR Party,' a song penned by the blond beauty, has been picked up by the sporting event and used in their races. Roberts has also released a video for the song, complete with plenty of familiar faces in the NASCAR scene.

"It’s a song that I wrote, and I pitched it to NASCAR I guess probably about a year ago or over a year ago," Roberts tells Taste of Country. "I kept calling them every day going, ‘Hey, do you like this song? Do you want to record the song?’ [laughs]. I called them every day because I knew that it was a good song. I thought that it would be great to write a song that they could play before the races, kind of like the Monday Night Football song."

Revved up, can’t sleep / Finally here, it’s NASCAR week / My man, he qualified / He’s right there at the front of the line / When those wheels start spinning ’round / There’s nothing like that sound,” Roberts sings in the lyrics of the opening verse.

"It's fun and it gets the fans excited," Roberts says. "Hopefully it will bring new fans to NASCAR because it shows how much fun it is at the races."

Drivers line ‘em up and start your engines / Can’t you feel the rhythm as the crowd goes wild / It’s a NASCAR party, come on and get rowdy / Everybody’s waiting for the flag to come down,” she sings in the song's chorus.

While the song is not technically a single, Roberts has high hopes that it will help drive album sales and get her fans revved up for the new music.

"It’s definitely the first song I’m pushing on [the record]," she beams. "I'm excited about it, and the feedback on the song so far has been nothing but positive from my fans. They all seem to really like it!"

Watch the Julie Roberts 'NASCAR Party' Video

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