Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts Songs, Cover Art for 'Good Wine Bad Decisions'
Julie Roberts' new album 'Good Wine and Bad Decisions' begins with an arresting short-time love story before moving on to tracks about love, heartache and the death of one's father. Many are stories the singer says she couldn't tell when she first signed to Mercury Records and released 'Break Down Here' in 2004.
Julie Roberts Is Ready to Let Fans Know That She’s ‘Alive’
Julie Roberts broke onto the country music scene in 2004 with her Top 20 hit 'Break Down Here.' The world fell in love with her silky, soulful voice and her movie-star good looks. After several other hit singles and another album, 'Men and Mascara,' the singer laid low before the devastating floods hit Nashville in May of 2010, destroying her home. Roberts, her mother and her dogs all survived the
Julie Roberts, ‘Alive’ – Album Review
Julie Roberts only gently hints at the recent storms in her life on her new album 'Alive,' available June 7. The 'Break Down Here' singer is releasing the record independently instead of waiting for someone on Music Row to give her permission. For the most part, the songs are well worth the rush.

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