Julie Roberts revealed her inner-gear head last month with a rowdy, fuel-spillin', rubber-burnin' racetrack anthem. She debuted her song 'NASCAR Party' during the All-Star Race festivities at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and fans may soon find it on sports and country music cable channels.

Roberts wrote the song, and helped NASCAR produce a video at Texas Motor Speedway. The 'Break Down Here' singer admits she's been a race fan her entire life, telling ESPN, "I had watched it on TV growing up in South Carolina but it's a totally different experience when you're right there. Everyone was down to earth, and it was so exciting."

"Revved up, can't sleep / Finally here it's NASCAR week / My man, he qualified / He's right there at the front of the line / When those wheels start spinning 'round / There's nothing like that sound," she sings before launching into the chorus: "Drivers line 'em up and start your engines / Can't you feel the rhythm as the crowd goes wild / It's a NASCAR party, come on and get rowdy / Everybody's waiting for the flag to come down."

'NASCAR Party' will be on Robert's new album 'Alive,' which her fans can find online at iTunes and the singer's website beginning June 7. It's a long time coming for the 'Men and Mascara' singer. In addition to recently being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her home was amongst the many destroyed during the Nashville floods of 2010. Through it all her fans were a source of strength. "You have stuck by me through so much and I am blessed to have you in my life," Roberts says on her website.

Listen to Julie Roberts, 'NASCAR Party'