Like many in the country community, Justin Moore is saddened by the ongoing search for Backroad Anthem's Craig Strickland after a hunting trip went terribly wrong. Strickland and his friend, Chase Morland, went missing on Dec. 27 after being caught in severe weather. Morland's body was discovered later.

Moore issued a lengthy, heartfelt message on Facebook, admitting that he's been at a loss for words in attempting to share his prayers for Strickland's family:

"I’ve been spending time with my family this past week, thinking of another. As 2015 ends, and 2016 begins, I have been sobered by a tragic occurrence. I want to express my sincerest and deepest sympathy for what the Strickland family has endured this past week. I’ve picked up my phone a dozen times to post something to, and/or for, their family. I’ve been at a loss for words. I have been speechless ... I’m a friend, band member, son, husband, father, etc. I know Craig is many of these, as well."

“He is kind, thoughtful, bright, talented, driven, and so much more. As an artist, Craig has 'it.' From the limited time I’ve spent with him, as a human being, he also has ‘it.’ … we continue to pray for strength, safety, guidance, encouragement, etc throughout this process."


Strickland's wife, Helen, has been sharing updates on the ongoing search for her husband on Twitter and Instagram. While the singer had not been found as of Sunday (Jan. 3), she explains that she remains hopeful after an experiment was conducted in a swimming pool to see if waders — which Craig Strickland was likely wearing at the time — actually cause a person to sink. The test revealed that they don't, so this means if he was in the boat when it capsized, Strickland could have floated and made his way safely to land.

Backroad Anthem continue to share updates and prayers on the band's Facebook page. While Strickland remains missing, his black lab, Sam, was found alive standing guard over Morland's body on the bank of the river. Strickland's wife shared on Dec. 31 that boat marks, foot prints and paw prints were also found, allowing law enforcement to cut the search area in half.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol have been on the water every day from sunup until sundown conducting the search, according to 40/29 News in Kay County, Okla., and they intend to continue until Strickland is found.

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