Kacey Musgraves features prominently on "Pictures," a new song from Judah & the Lion.

The collaboration may be unusual to some, but in reality, both Musgraves and the band are Nashville-based and have the uncanny ability to write music that hits you in the feelings.

The alternative-pop act brought in Musgraves for the poignant new single, which will be featured on their upcoming album Pep Talks, set for release on May 3. The newly released video for the song shows the band and Musgraves in the studio performing the track live with banjo, mandolin and guitar.

Akers begins the song by singing, "Too scared to move these things from this home we made / So many good memories and some fatal mistakes / And I know that you love me still / But we're not the same / And if I'm being honest, I don't really want you this way."

Musgraves joins in, "But I guess I'm still processing / My whole world's been turned around / Every truth I've known since high school was a lie from your mouth / And we made our promises / Yeah, we said our vows / None of that really seems to matter to you now."

Judah & the Lion frontman and songwriter Judah Akers wrote the song, which was inspired by his family falling apart while the band was taking off.

“I had a really deep moment with my mom when she called me and broke down bawling about how hard it was to move from our family house," Akers explains. "I wrote the song from her perspective and it came in a flood, in five minutes, right after the call. I needed to write it because I was heartsick."

Musgraves recently swept all of her nominated categories in the 2019 Grammy Awards, winning Country Song, Country Solo Performance and Country Album, as well as the all-genre category of Album of the Year for her acclaimed third studio album, Golden Hour.

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