Kacey Musgraves has several special guests on her new holiday album, A Very Kacey Christmas. In a video interview, the singer shares how Willie Nelson came to be featured on her song "A Willie Nice Christmas."

"I randomly had this idea one day, it just popped in my head, 'A Willie nice Christmas,'" she recalls. "Have a Willie nice Christmas. I just thought, 'Oh my gosh, that would be a really cute song. I'm going to ask Willie Nelson to sing on it with me.'"

Much to her delight, Nelson obliged, and the two singers found themselves recording the song together in the studio earlier this year. The video interview shows both Musgraves and Nelson in the studio sipping on hot chocolate and rehearsing the song.

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"He is like Father Christmas. He is the biggest advocate of peace and love," Musgraves says of Nelson. "Instantly, when he walks into a room you just feel the love. He truly is a peacemaker. I thought it would be a really cool, unique way to have him on the record. It's a kind of reggae, slightly Hawaiian, fun Christmas song. We had a really good time with him on this track."

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Musgraves also shared what it was like recording a holiday-themed album in the middle of summer.

“I started working on the album in May and then we recorded in June and July. It was kind of bizarre,” she admits. “I was sweating while making a Christmas album. In the studio, every musician had their own stocking, we had cider, we had lights everywhere. It was very festive … I really put a lot of heart into this. We did our best to not go in and copy all these traditional versions you’re familiar with. We borrowed inspiration and made them our own.”

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