Kane Brown is undoubtedly making waves in the entertainment world with his particular brand of genre-bending country music, but in a short film set to be released Nov. 2 by Apple Music, Apple Music Presents: Kane Brown – Experiment, the singer explains that his career choices haven't all been received with open arms.

In fact, as a country artist who both sounds and looks a bit different from the norm, the 24-year-old admits he's experienced flat-out opposition and racism.

"People look at my tattoos, and the style that I wear my clothes, and it's always 'Oh, Waylon [Jennings] and [Johnny] Cash are rolling in their graves right now," states Brown in a teaser for the film.

The singer, who is of mixed race, also shared some sensitive revelations on the prejudices he's experienced during his career. "Some people say I'm not country, but they don't really know how I grew up," he elaborates. "I went through a lot being called the N-word...they have a picture of how they think country should look like, and I just want to make my own lane."

Brown may have faced opposition, but it's hard to argue that the singer isn't at the top of his game at the moment. On Tuesday night (Oct. 9), he represented country music's most nominated artist ahead of the 2018 American Music Awards, and he left that night with three AMA Awards wins, the most ever in one night for a country singer who had not won an AMA previously.

Brown is poised to release his sophomore album, Experiment, on Nov. 9. He's also celebrating a personal milestone soon, when he marries his longtime girlfriend on an undisclosed date this year.

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