Keith Urban is one of the country artists nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the 2017 CMA Awards, and there are many reasons he deserves to win!

The multi-talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist continues to be one of the hottest artists in country music more than a decade after his first big successes, and in many ways, he's really just coming into his own. His most recent album, Ripcord, is one of the best of his entire career, and he's scored a whopping string of hit singles from the project, including one of the biggest hit songs of his career.

Urban is beloved by country music fans everywhere not just for his music, but for his reputation as one of the nicest guys in country music. Fans don't just love Urban's music; they love him as a person and follow his every move avidly via social media. That's just one of the reasons Urban deserves to win Entertainer of the Year at the 2017 CMA Awards.

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    Urban's had many great albums, but his latest, Ripcord, is a masterpiece. The album blends great songs and performances with a genre-hopping, ultra-modern approach that sees Urban expanding his musical palette once again, daring his fans as always to follow him onto adventurous new musical ground.

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    He's So Relatable

    Urban is one of country music's most beloved artists not just because of his music, but because he's got so much personal appeal and charisma. He's constantly finding ways to reach out to fans and brighten their lives, and his fans can't get enough of following every detail of Urban's personal life with wife Nicole Kidman and their kids.

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    He's Multi-Talented

    Obviously, all of the artists nominated for Entertainer of the Yea are talented in their own right. But Urban stands out due not only to his talents as a singer and songwriter, but because he's such an excellent guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who plays a wide array of instruments very well. Add to that his abilities as a live performer and it's a no-brainer that he deserves to win Entertainer of the Year.

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    The 'Ripcord' Tour

    Urban excels live, and that's one of the most important factors that contributes to Entertainer of the Year. Urban's Ripcord Tour has played to some of the biggest crowds of the year, featuring the superstar not only offering up past hits and new songs, but breaking new ground in terms of production and staging as well. Urban's constantly pushing to make every show different and special, and that's one reason fans always keep coming back for more.

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    "Blue Ain't Your Color"

    Urban's had a long career and enjoyed many big hits, but he scored one of his all-time biggest successes with "Blue Ain't Your Color." The song reached No. 1 for weeks and features one of Urban's best-ever vocal performances, and it's probably one of the biggest reasons Urban is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year. He also nabbed nominations for Single and Song of the Year.

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