Keith Urban made one fan's dream come true at a recent concert in Australia when he invited her up to the stage to perform.

Amy Jennifer was attending Urban's Dec. 6 concert in Adelaide and brought along her guitar. Noticing her in the crowd, Urban invited her to perform one of her original songs. What happened next is the sweetest fan-artist interaction, as Amy Jennifer's excited facial expressions say it all. While Urban was getting to know her, she was flustered and kept turning to the crowd with a face of disbelief.

"I'm sorry, you're so beautiful!" she says when she doesn't understand one of Urban's questions.

"You bring a guitar to every concert?" Urban asks her.

"No, just yours," she replies with nervous laughter.

Urban then asks someone from his team to bring out a seat for her to perform to his audience, with her looking nervous all the while. Moments later, Amy Jennifer regains her composure and takes the microphone from Urban to sing an original song.

"I dreamt this would happen but I didn't really actually know it would happen," she tells the crowd. "This is called 'Closing That Door.' It's a song I wrote about a guy that was really not very nice."

She then realizes that she has no cord to plug in her guitar and turns to Urban, who runs up to her.

"I've become a bloody guitar tech," he jokes before running off to help.

"What can't he do? What can't he do, ladies and gentleman?" she says before performing her song for thousands. Watch the adorable interaction between Amy Jennifer and Urban above.

Urban has been Down Under on a very special leg of his Ripcord Tour, with Carrie Underwood joining him on the bill. He honored first responders at one recent gig, and Underwood joined him onstage to duet on "The Fighter" at another show.

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