Perhaps it should be no surprise that after five months spent judging 'American Idol,' Keith Urban has delivered his most pop-friendly single to date in 'Little Bit of Everything.' The talented singer and guitarist uses tricks in production that a less established singer would be skewered for. The result is a delightful summer jam that's short on nutritional content.

The electronic effects during the introduction -- and later, with a drum machine -- stand out over Urban's guitar work and the song's message. But a sugar-coated chorus rights any wrongs.

"I don’t need too much of nothing / I just wanna sing a little chill song / Get my groove on, pour something strong / Down in my drink / Oh, I know that I don’t need a whole lot of anything / I just want a little bit of everything / Na na na na, na na na na," Urban sings.

The verses are carefree... to a fault. All of the wrinkles of testosterone aren't quite ironed out of the first verse, but the Warren Brothers and Kevin Rudolf do a better job of injecting some blue-collar, country boy sensibility into the second.

"Now I don’t need a garage full of cars / But I’ll take a whole box of Cuban cigars / And I’ll smoke ‘em nice and slow / Like they were good for me / Don’t need a ranch or a big piece of land / But I like to get a little bit of dirt on my hands / A big ole couch in a big ole room / Still feels lonely when it’s just you," Urban sings before the chorus repeats.

'Little Bit of Everything' is a good fit for the superstar. He wraps his arms around the spirit of the song and doesn't try to make it something bigger than a catchy, feel-good, open-road anthem. Lyrics that dig deeper would make his first track from an upcoming album more memorable, but that chorus will keep this song from ever becoming forgettable.

Listen to Keith Urban, 'Little Bit of Everything'