Could Keith Urban's tenure as a judge on the new-look 'American Idol' be over before it starts?

Rumors abound that the calm, cool and collected country superstar (who is also well-coiffed) wants out of his new job as a judge on the show due to the drama incited by divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Remember, Urban ran interference during the verbal dustup between the ladies, during which Minaj reportedly threatened to shoot Carey.

A report in the National Enquirer suggests that Urban is already ready to bail. While the publication is not exactly a bastion of journalism, it wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world if Urban was already fed up with the high drama.

"They don’t pay me enough to have to deal with this crap," he reportedly said (quotes courtesy of Country Music Tattle Tale.)

Urban supposedly went as far as to tell producers that he doesn't want to be "the peacemaker" all season and he'd prefer to be replaced.

Well, the part about not wanting to be the referee all season is certainly a valid concern. Urban didn't sign up to deal with dueling divas nor should he be expected to. He took the gig to judge talent. But he gets a nice pay day and certainly represents the country genre, so we suspect he wouldn't be quite so quick to throw in the towel, as Season 12 is months away from the debut episode.

A source commented, "Keith knew there'd be friction between the two women, but had no idea how vicious and threatening it would become."

The insider also claims that his wife isn't feeling all the nonsense, either. "What makes him uncomfortable is the level the animosity has escalated to – and where it could go from here. And his wife, Nicole Kidman, is concerned as well," the source said.

Let's hope Urban doesn't jump ship from 'Idol.' Country music needs him sitting on that panel.