After spending several weeks on vocal rest following surgery late last year, Keith Urban was ready to get back on stage and test out his singing chops. But more importantly, he was looking forward to having the ability to speak to his wife, Nicole Kidman, and two daughters after spending both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays mum.

When he was finally able to talk, it was an emotional day for him, as well as his girls at home. In a recent interview, Kidman called the moment "profound" and emotional as she soaked it all in.

"To go without his voice, and then to finally hear [it]. What if he sounded different?" Kidman tells the current issue of W magazine [quotes via Us Weekly]. "I was there for his first words, and then we cried. How many people experience their husband's first words? All of those things make you closer. If that doesn't bring you closer, you're not breathing."

Kidman is typically never far from her husband's side, and vice versa. Urban is always seen proudly holding onto his A-list actress wife at many Hollywood events, while Kidman meekly stands in the wings of many of the singer's big shows, including at the recent No. 1 party for his multi-week chart-topping hit 'You Gonna Fly.'

"[Nicole is] an extremely pure spirit," Urban told ABC prior to his surgery in November. "A really, really extraordinarily rare, I think, pure spirit. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to find the right words because, you know, words are limiting."