Who says Blake Shelton is the only country superstar that can be a coach on 'The Voice'? Well, turns out he's not. Keith Urban is also a coach -- albeit on the Australian version of the show. In a new teaser promo, the singer, who never has a bad hair day, explains his attraction to this particular reality talent competition.

"The passion that is really on fire at the beginning of somebody's career...to be around that is exhilarating for me and I'm looking forward to it," Urban declares in the minute-long clip. He can't wait to roll up his sleeves and jump right in with his charges and feed off their energy.

Urban also says that the blind audition round is what makes the show and that it is his favorite part. He says, "I like the blind auditions. They're the essence of the show." The clip then cuts to shots of the singer seated in his big red chair, tapping his button for a 'Voice' that moved him.

It's enough to make you wish that the Aussie version would air in the US. We're betting that Urban will have plenty of great advice for his charges in addition to tons of terrific moments on the show.

Watch Keith Urban in a Promo for 'The Voice' Australia