Keith Urban is launching his debut fragrance Phoenix next month, which he specifically designed to appeal to  men. However, with a stylish, A-list Oscar winner for a wife in the form of Nicole Kidman and two daughters at home, Urban is going to take advantage of being surrounded by females in order to create a fragrance for women, too!

"I think we've got a really good one," Urban tells USA Today about the ladies scent, which he hopes to finish for next year. The singer would not reveal its name or details, saying, "I can't tell you. It's too early."Ah, something to look forward to.

As for his scent for men, Urban didn't merely sit back and let a marketing company do all the work and then slap his name across it in order to "sell" the finished product. He was intrinsically involved in the creation of it and took the development of the smell seriously. He says, "I was trying to find something I would wear and wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Middle American men. A lot of those guys I was interested in because they may not be the kind of guys who think much about the way they smell. It's a sensitive subject. I so get that. It's the reason I chose the name. I wanted a name that wasn't too city and not too highbrow."

He also didn't want to name it after himself in order to avoid the awkward "I'm wearing Keith Urban" statements that would come when someone got a whiff and asked what the scent is! That, coupled with the imagery of the phoenix which rises from the ashes, make his choice of moniker a smart one.

Urban also admits that he wanted to create a sensual aura, but one that retained a degree of masculinity without becoming too metrosexual. He says he wanted "something unique but an everyday thing -- that was the challenge."

Phoenix lands in stores in October.