Even before Keith Urban took 'You Gonna Fly' to the top of the charts, the LoCash Cowboys -- who co-wrote the tune with Jaren Johnston -- had an idea for what kind of tattoo they would get should the song go to No. 1. When that dream became a reality, it was time to get inked."Me and Chris made a pact when Keith recorded 'Fly' that we would get it inked if it went No. 1," LoCash's Preston Brust spills to Taste of Country.

Before taking the stage in Bloomington, Ill. on Friday, the country duo decided the time was finally right and headed down to Smoking Aces to get their tattoos to celebrate the success of their multi-week chart-topper.

"We said we would go get the tattoos at the same time," Chris Lucas adds. "And we found some great artists at Smoking Aces."

“My dad surprised me and showed up at the tattoo joint, too, so I knew there was no turning back!" Brust continues. "The moment was way too cool to pass up!”

Brust custom designed a tat from an idea he had, and skilled ink artists Tommy Lee and Sean made it a reality for the singer. His new ink, which reads 'You Gonna Fly,' goes all the way down his arm from the elbow to the hand. The artwork includes stars in the middle of the vowels and wings coming out of each end of the song title, plus a No. 1 instead of an 'L' in the word ‘fly.’

Lucas spent extra time in the chair for not one but two tattoos. While the LoCash member commemorated the 'You Gonna Fly' with a big blue star on his left forearm, he also paid tribute to his wife while he was in the shop. On his other arm, Lucas got a unique ambigram tattoo dedicated to his wife Kaitlyn and their two-year-old son, Caden.

"I wanted to get my wife and kid's name in one because I thought it was cool," says Lucas. "And I thought I would start my first of hopefully many stars for songs that are successful, that we either sing or write! So the more stars on my arm the better [laughs]!"

Adds Brust, "A No. 1 song lives on forever, and I made a pact with myself that I wouldn't get a tattoo until I was part of a No. 1 song and that the ink would be the title of that song. My dream isn't to live forever; it's to create music that does. So here's to Keith Urban and 'You Gonna Fly'! Dreams do come true ... our arms prove it!"

Soon, the Cowboys will need to begin mapping out their next tattoo, as Tim McGraw prepares to release 'Truck Yeah,' a song they helped pen.