The lyrics to Kellie Pickler's next single, '100 Proof,' were crafted by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter James T. Slater and Leslie Satcher. The tune is the second release from Pickler's '100 Proof' album and came about during a writing session between the two friends.

"Leslie is an amazing person and one of my favorite co-writers," Slater tells Taste of Country. "I have an office in downtown Nashville where I have my keyboards set up. She came in one beautiful morning because we were scheduled to write together. We had just got back from doing a show in Florida."

"When she writes, she doesn't use a computer," Slater continues. "She loves to sit down and uses this book. It's very old school. She writes your name, the date it was written and all the lyrics -- everything is handwritten. She did it that way on this song, too. She just said, 'Play the piano.' So I started playing that melody, and we jumped in and started writing this song."

"Ain't no rain as cold as the look she just gave him / Everyone around us knows a storm's just rolled in / I've call for the check now baby, you go get the car / They'll stay here and fight it out yeah they'll close down this bar," they wrote in the opening lyrics.

"We started talking about some friends of ours who are out at bars until 3AM, and that's just not our thing," Slater says with a laugh. "Then we stumbled across love how love can be '100 proof.'"

"We'll go home and lay down safe in the arms of love / And we'll just strum along on the edge of can't get enough / And we'll wake up in the morning like we always do / Drunk on the beautiful truth / We got love a 100 proof," they wrote in the song's chorus.

"We liked the line 'drunk on the beautiful truth,'" notes Slater of the lyrics. "You don't have to be an alcoholic to be drunk sometimes. We probably wrote that song in two hours. We made a little work tape, and then went in and recorded it at Legends Studio [in Nashville]. Next thing we know, Kellie cut the song and made it the album's title track."

"It's every songwriter's dream to get the title cut of an album," adds Slater, who also co-wrote the single and title track of Rascal Flatts' 'Unstoppable' in 2009. "That's what you want. Kellie is a good friend of Leslie's, and Leslie had Kellie's first single from this new album, 'Tough.' She was happy to get the second single with this song."

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