You know the saying, "If it ain't broke..."? Kellie Pickler reunited with her 'Dancing With the Stars' dancer partner Derek Hough for her 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' video.

The song is lyrically heavy and emotionally resonant, and the accompanying visuals certainly mirror the emotional vibe.

Pickler, whose formerly shaved head is growing out fresh blonde hair, looks lovely and angelic in a loose, flowing white dress. She and Hough dance suggestively and while barefoot in an empty house with huge windows, where they are bathed in natural light.

Their dancing is like an extension of the 'DWTS' season. They clearly have a terrific physical chemistry, and they've further explored it in this video.

The 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' video is suggestive and romantic, and, above all, it's well-danced. The slow motion of the dancing shows how lithe and gifted a dancer Pickler really is, as Hough tosses her around artfully.

The video is simple, but it's so aesthetically pleasing and visually arresting, thanks to the bright, natural lighting and the movement of Pickler and Hough's bodies. The scenes that find Pickler alone, sitting on the wooden floor, are also captivating, since she is so vulnerable and beautiful.

The country songstress could have easily done a slice-of-life video featuring clips related to the scenarios in the lyrics, but that would have been too easy and too predictable. Instead, she opted to do that other thing we now know she does incredibly well: dance.