The troubled father of country music star Kellie Pickler is back in legal hot water. Clyde "Bo" Pickler, Jr. is listed as a fugitive by the Florida Department of Corrections after he reportedly left the state without reporting to his probation officer.

The 48-year-old has been in and out of trouble with the law for much of his life, including a three-year stint in prison for aggravated battery and assault related to a stabbing in 2003. He was released in 2006, just after his daughter was eliminated from 'American Idol.' Kellie Pickler has gone on to music stardom, and most recently won this season of 'Dancing With the Stars.'

In an appearance on 'The View' last year, Pickler insisted her dad has been misunderstood because of his troubles. “We all have our speed bumps that we hit in the road. I know that the media has kind of put him out there as this really, really bad person," she observed (quote via SFGate). "Of course he’s made bad choices but he is a good father. I spent a lot of my childhood with him, whenever he was not incarcerated."

She added, “He spent a lot of time teaching me how to fend for myself. He taught me my life skills. I know how to survive and make something from nothing and he taught me how to do that."

The Charlotte Observer reports that the elder Pickler may be headed for North Carolina.