'Best Days of My Life' singer Kellie Pickler isn't sure if her 'Dancing With the Stars' debut will actually turn out to be one of the highlights in her life, as she's a little nervous about dashing everyone's high hopes for her to become the show's next big star.

Picker, whose Grandpa Ken convinced her to sign onto the show, confesses to the Boot, "People are expecting me to be good, and I don't know if I am or not." However, if her 'DWTS' promo photo is any indication, she looks ready to dazzle, appearing fit and beautiful next to her partner, Derek Hough.

"I hope people don't have too high of expectations for me, because I'm not a dancer," Pickler says, further explaining her trepidations. "Derek is going to do the best that he can teaching me as much as he can in that short time period. So I'm not worried about him, I'm worried about me! I'm stepping outside my comfort zone."

Although Pickler's devoted fans would love to see her with the mirrorball trophy, they'll admire the fun-loving singer's brave step out into the competitive world of dancing, regardless of the outcome.

We'll have the opportunity to see Pickler -- as well as Wynonna Judd -- put their game faces on tonight (March 18) for the 'DWTS' season premiere. It will certainly be interesting to see if either of the country music stars will steal the spotlight with their dancing talent (or lack thereof). Don't miss it at 8PM ET on ABC.