Kellie Pickler is all about going big or going home. She won 'Dancing With the Stars,' shaved her head for her friend with cancer and took not one, not two, but three shots on 'Ellen' this week.

The singer, who is busy promoting her brand new album 'The Woman I Am,' sat down with the hilarious comedienne on Wednesday (Nov. 13), where she was presented with some 'Ellen' shot glasses of her own.

"They're empty, what am I supposed to do with that?" Pickler joked. Immediately, DeGeneres pulled out some Jack Daniels as the star exclaimed, "Ask and you shall receive!"

She threw back the first shot with ease, saying, "I love this. This is great," and then held out her glass for more. And DeGeneres gladly obliged.

"Are you tryin' to get me drunk?" Pickler sweetly asked, adding, "I ramble now, but if I'm drunk, I really ramble." Instead of responding, DeGeneres simply motioned to the glass, which was still full, but not for long.

Conversation soon shifted to Pickler's Heart for the Warrior award, and the former 'American Idol' star mentioned she's in the midst of planning her seventh USO tour now. "It's just such a special thing to be a part of, and the USO -- they've been so good, not just to us, but to our service men and women and veterans and their families," she told viewers. "They've been doing this for over sixty years and I just think it's wonderful."

Right before she got up to perform on the show, DeGeneres asked if she felt okay -- or needed something a little extra to get her through with it.

"I mean, I'm not turnin' down a free drink," said Pickler coyly. Right before knocking back the third shot, she announced: "Here's to remembering the words. Instead of 'Little Bit Gypsy,' it's going to be 'Little Bit Tipsy!'"

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