When Taste of Country recently ran into Kellie Pickler on the red carpet of Dressed to Kilt, she apologized that she couldn't reveal much about her anticipated new single. "How much can I say? Nothin'!" she lamented. "We don't know what the release day is gonna be yet because the record's not finished. It will be this year … sooner than later!" As of this morning, though, she's spilled some details to her fans. Pickler took to Twitter to tell followers the title of her new single: 'Tough.'

"We're 'bout to ship my new single 'Tough' to country radio," Pickler tweeted, proving that the single's unknown release date is indeed "sooner than later." With a wink, she added, "Hope y'all like fiddle, steel, spoons, banjo ... dirty country."

Pickler may be getting 'Tough' and delving into the dirt, but the newlywed's demeanor can only be described as lovely when the topic turns to her husband, Kyle Jacobs.

"My husband and I, we actually wrote together for the last project, and we're writing a lot for this one, too," she told Taste of Country with a smile. "It's really neat that we both have the same passion, which is music, and we're able to take our love into the studio and make beautiful music together [laughs]."

While we're waiting to hear this bride-and-groom magic, Pickler -- a former 'American Idol' contestant -- told us that she actually still hasn't seen the show this season.

"I've not seen it, but I've heard wonderful things about it -- that it's great and that the talent's actually the best that it's ever been. I wish all of them the best of luck, and to just pick songs they love and to have fun because it'll be over before you know it," the singer advised.

Pickler is in the working stages of putting her upcoming album together and readying the release of 'Tough,' but she's also been applying some serious courage to married life. Recently, Jacobs surprised her with a romantic (but slightly frightening) hot air balloon ride. Her recap of that rendezvous? "We just landed in someone’s back yard in a tree! But we are ALIVE!"

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