Kelly Clarkson has been open about her difficult pregnancies, primarily concerning her severe morning sickness, but also how they have affected her ability to make appearances.

The artist recently told Houston’s 96.5 that her doctor advised choosing between attending the 2016 Grammys or appearing on American Idol’s last season to perform and serve as a guest judge.

"I was going to do the Grammys and Idol, and then my doctor was kind of like, I just have such hard pregnancies, flying back and forth to L.A., like if they were closer together, I would’ve done both, but I had to kind of choose one,” she explains.

The singer was faced with a tough call, but for her it was a no-brainer which one was the right event to attend.

"I obviously chose Idol because it’s ending and I was the original winner, so it’d kinda be weird if I wasn’t there. I’m unfortunately going to have to miss the Grammys, because my doctor was like ‘Yeah, that’s not too smart for you …’ I was pretty bummed I’m gonna miss the Grammys this year,” she adds.

The difficult choices and tough sicknesses will all be worth it when her baby boy arrives this spring, however, and Clarkson says she is ready to meet him.

Clarkson is already a mom to her toddler River Rose, whom she had with her husband Brandon Blackstock in 2014. Her little girl appeared in the music video for her song “Piece by Piece,” a deeply personal tune about the singer's past with an absent father, contrasting that situation with her faithful husband. It was during a performance of this song Clarkson got the urge to announce her pregnancy with baby No. 2 to her audience, admitting it was primarily because she didn’t want them to think she was acting strange.

“I couldn’t get through it and I was crying so hard,” she remarks. “I thought, ‘These people are going to think I’m on drugs. I’m about to lose it like a pregnant person. I gotta explain.’ And then it just came out.”

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